Sending mail and packages to Stanford

Sending mail and packages to Stanford may be a little different than elsewhere.

Editor’s Note: Stanford’s Undergraduate Mail and Package Deliver Center has changed. Updated instructions on sending mail is available in a letter to families dated Aug. 12, 2021. 

Texting may be the fastest way to reach a Stanford student, but nothing beats a letter or a care package from home. Mail and packages for the 6,500 undergraduates living on campus, however, may work a little differently than it does elsewhere.

Stanford has its own U.S. Post Office and zip code. New undergraduate students are assigned a post office box number before arriving on campus. They maintain this box throughout their undergraduate career, providing a consistent address from year to year, no matter where on campus they live. Mail and packages sent via USPS should be addressed to a student using his or her P.O. Box, like this:

531 Lasuen Mall
P.O. Box _____
Stanford, CA 94309

Packages sent via a different carrier are directed to the FedEx Office Business Center in Tresidder Memorial Union. This process allows packages to be held securely for students to pick up at their convenience. The university has designated this location for package delivery and pick up to maintain the security of delivered packages and of student residences, which are secured 24 hours/day.

Student First and Last Name – SUNet ID (First/Last Name Field)
459 Lagunita Drive (Address 1)
FedEx Office Tresidder – P.O. Box # (Address 2)
Stanford, CA 94305 (City, State, & ZIP)

Jane Stanford – jstanford
459 Lagunita Drive
c/o Stanford Tresidder Union Package Center
Stanford, CA 94305

Students living in graduate housing apartments may opt to maintain a post office box and/or have mail delivered to their apartments. Alternately, Stanford also partners with FedEx to offer a remote package center located in Escondido Village, where students can have packages securely delivered. Students participating in this service will have a unique package mailing address that they can share with others.
For more information about sending mail and packages to Stanford, visit the RDE website.  For information about sending packages to FedEx, visit the website.