How Do I Pay?

After Baccalaureate, a graduating senior poses with his family.

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How Students Pay For Stanford

By accepting Stanford’s offer of admission and enrolling in classes, students accept responsibility for paying all debts to the university for which they are liable, including tuition and fees. Stanford assumes that students understand and will honor this financial obligation. While the university acknowledges parents’ and guardians’ financial support, payment is the responsibility of the student. Students may authorize others to access their Stanford account and make payments on their behalf through Axess, the student database system.

Visit the Student Financial Services website to learn more about such subjects as the University Bill, tuition insurance plans and tax information.

Parents and guardians can contact the Student Services Center at (866) 993-7772 or (650) 723-7772 with questions about the university bill. However, information specific to a student account may be discussed only with the people authorized by the student to receive such information.

Financial Aid

Stanford has one of the strongest financial aid programs among U.S. colleges and universities.

Stanford’s financial aid program is need-based, meaning that all aid eligibility is determined by a family’s financial circumstances. While you and your students have the primary responsibility for paying for college, financial aid can bridge the gap between the total costs and the ability to pay.

Visit the webpages of the Financial Aid Office. A special webpage has been designed especially for parents.