COVID-19 information for parents and guardians

We know you would like to do all you can to support your student, and we welcome your partnership. Stanford has activated an emergency operations organization focused on coordinating the university’s response. We are committed to on-going updates to the campus community.

Recent messages

(March 6, 2020) Winter quarter to finish with classes moving online.

(March 6, 2020) Two students in self-isolation.

(March 4, 2020) A message to parents and families.

All university updates.

Where to find answers to frequently asked questions

Stanford has developed a student, parent and family FAQ. If you have additional questions or concerns, including concerns about your student in particular, please email the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs at

How to be added to our family email list

We are sending periodic updates to each student’s family emergency email contact. Your student can update this information by following the Student Check-In instructions detailed here.

Visit the Health Alerts website to see all of the information Stanford has posted about COVID-19