Information to know about Family Weekend 2017

Family Weekend
Family Weekend is Feb. 24 and 25.

Elaine Enos, executive director of Stanford’s Office of Special Events and Protocol, shares information she hopes family members know about Family Weekend. The annual event, which will be held Feb. 24 and 25, is expected to attract more than 3,000 visitors to campus.

If we didn’t register in advance, can we still attend, and where can we park?

Absolutely. We conduct an advance registration to enable us to accurately plan for room size, food orders and so on. If you haven’t registered in advance, please check in at the Arrillaga Alumni Center to do onsite registration. Only those who register can attend Family Weekend events.

As it has been in the past, parking is at the Galvez Lot at the intersection of Galvez and Campus Drive, which is across the street from the Arrillaga Alumni Center. For directions, visit the Getting Around website.

Has the schedule of events changed along with the name of the weekend?

No, the events are very similar to years past. We changed the name in recognition that the definition of family is constantly evolving. Family Weekend better reflects our commitment to welcoming all those who support and nurture our students.

We do ask that families limit the number of attendees to no more than four in recognition of our space limitations. And, we want everyone to anticipate that we don’t offer programs specifically designed for younger siblings.

Will I be able to get Internet access while on campus?

Yes. Family members are able to join the “Stanford Visitor” network for free access to the Internet while on campus. The Stanford Network offers limited bandwidth, and services include email and web browsing.

How to get online:
1. Select the SSID Stanford Visitor from your device’s list of available wireless networks.
2. Open a browser and load any URL; you will be redirected to an access page (on a mobile phone, the access page should open automatically).
3. Click Accept to acknowledge the terms of use. Your browser will be sent to a confirmation page and from there you can get online.

Family Weekend
Parents peruse their schedule in Memorial Auditorium.

What is Palo Alto-area weather like in February?

Mornings and evenings can be quite cool—40-degree temperatures are common—and require a jacket or sweater. Once the fog burns off, mid-day temperatures will reach into the 60s on nice days. Bringing rainwear and umbrellas is a wise precaution, even though most events are held indoors. Families should also anticipate that there tends to be a fair amount of walking involved in getting from event to event. Comfortable shoes are recommended.

When and how can I pick up tickets for the Entertainment Extravaganza?

Family members who purchased tickets online for the Entertainment Extravaganza will find them in their registration packet upon check in. This event generally sells out, so if you find that you are unable to use your EE tickets, we ask that you consider turning them into our ticket staff so that we can redistribute them to others who may like to attend this special closing event.

What if a member of my party is disabled?

If a member of your family needs disability-related accommodations, please let us know in advance by contacting the Diversity and Access Office at (650) 725-0326 or (650) 723-1216 TTY.

For more answers to questions about Family Weekend, visit the FAQ website or email