New leaders named for Title IX, SARA offices

Catherine Glaze
Catherine Glaze

Stanford has made appointments to two key staff positions focused on sexual violence prevention and response – CATHERINE GLAZE as campus Title IX coordinator and CARLEY FLANERY as director of the SARA Office (Office of Sexual Assault & Relationship Abuse Education & Response).

Glaze, currently associate dean for student affairs at Stanford Law School, will lead the four-member Title IX Office and also oversee the work of the SARA Office. She has served as interim Title IX coordinator since October 2015 while also serving in her Law School role.

Glaze, a Stanford alumna (AB ’80, JD ’85), has been at Stanford Law School since 2000. She has served the campus through a number of other roles as well, including as chair of the Board on Judicial Affairs, which oversees campus policies on student conduct; as a sexual harassment adviser in the Law School; as a member of the Grievance Advisory Board that hears employee grievances; and as a university investigator on a variety of Title IX and Sexual Harassment Policy Office matters.

She previously was an attorney in private practice and held instructional and administration roles at Golden Gate University School of Law.

Carley Flanery
Carley Flanery

“Making our campus safe and welcoming for all members of our community is important work, and I’m honored to have a part in that work,” Glaze said. “I’m committed to processes that are effective and fair, and that are perceived that way by students. My approach is one that seeks to build trust with students, that is neutral and objective, and that seeks to work effectively with everyone in the process and ensure all voices are heard.”

The Title IX Office is responsible for investigating student-related matters involving sexual assault, sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, stalking and relationship violence. The office also educates students, faculty and staff about their rights and responsibilities under Title IX, which prohibits discrimination in educational programs on the basis of sex.

Flanery joined the SARA Office in February 2015 as assistant director.

The SARA Office oversees campus-wide education and training about sexual and relationship violence, in partnership with others on campus. The office works to promote healthy, empowered and consensual relationships at Stanford and to connect students with resources that may be helpful to them.

Flanery came to Stanford from the University of Michigan, where she obtained master’s degrees in public health and social work in addition to her undergraduate degree. She coordinated a number of prevention and education programs for students at Michigan, using a public health perspective to address dating and relationship violence, sexual and gender-based violence, stalking and other behaviors.

“My first priority is to be a resource to students. No matter where they’re at, what they know or what experiences they’ve had, I am here to empower them, to answer their questions and to help them get the support they need,” Flanery said. “It’s also my goal to help students develop the skills they need to have fun, enjoyable experiences that are also safe experiences – a positive framework for prevention education.”