Results of campus climate survey released

Oregon Courtyard
The Oregon Courtyard on the Stanford Campus.

A survey of Stanford undergraduate and graduate students has found that 1.9 percent of respondents have experienced a sexual assault, as defined in university policy, since starting their degree program at Stanford. Another 14.2 percent have experienced some other form of sexual misconduct.

The figures are higher for women and for gender-diverse respondents. Among undergraduate survey respondents, 4.7 percent of women and 6.6 of gender-diverse students said they had experienced a sexual assault since coming to Stanford. An additional 32.9 percent of undergraduate women respondents and 30.8 percent of gender-diverse undergraduate respondents said they had experienced another form of sexual misconduct.

An overwhelming majority of surveyed students – 87 percent – reported feeling safe on the Stanford campus, and 87 percent said they believed Stanford would take any reports of sexual assault seriously. But the survey also found that many students believe there is room for improvement in educating students about sexual assault prevention and in providing campus support for students going through personal crises.

These are among the findings of the Stanford Campus Climate Survey, administered in the spring quarter of 2015. Stanford sent the anonymous survey to all 15,368 degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students, seeking to gather student views of campus culture and to improve the university’s understanding of the nature and extent of prohibited sexual conduct on campus.

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