Stanford Career Education introduces ‘BEAM’

Farouk Dey
Farouk Dey

With the continuing evolution of career education on campus, it’s time to add a new acronym to the Stanford vocabulary: BEAM, which stands for Bridging Education, Ambition and Meaningful Work, and sums up the vision of Stanford Career Education.

Stanford Career Education is the new identity of the former Career Development Center and BEAM is the new moniker under which the new entity will be known on campus.

The name change reflects the continuing evolution of career services at Stanford, said Farouk Dey, dean of career education and an associate vice provost of Student Affairs.

“Our vision is to empower Stanford students to transform their education and ambitions into meaningful work,” Dey said.

Dey, who arrived at Stanford in 2013 with a mandate to reinvent career services, said the change underscores a few critical principles in an emerging paradigm.

“Our focus is on meaningful work, rather than just resumes and jobs,” Dey wrote in a Sept. 3 email announcing the name change to the Stanford community. “Connections and relationships are the heart and soul of our model. We are educators, rather than transactional job-placement staff. Our work is everywhere throughout the campus community and involves all of you, so we dropped the word ‘center’ from our name.”

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