Stanford adds two new freshman living, learning programs


Harry Elam
Harry Elam

This fall, Stanford will add two new integrated living and learning programs for freshmen – one focused on the arts and the other on science.

The programs will join the longstanding Structured Liberal Education Program (SLE) as integrated learning environment (ILE) options for new students. Both new programs sport catchy acronyms. ITALIC stands for Immersion in the Arts: Living in Culture, and SIMILE is short for Science in the Making: Integrated Learning Environment.

ILEs offer students the chance to combine residential and educational experiences in a theme-based program while meeting undergraduate education requirements. For instance, SLE, created in 1974 and located in Florence Moore Hall, boasts a curriculum based on a great books approach.

Both new programs, which are now open for enrollment for incoming freshmen, will be housed in Burbank within the Stern residential complex. Assistant directors overseeing the programs will maintain offices in the residence. All of the lectures and sections will take place there. Officials hope the programs will attract 41 to 45 students each in the first year.

“I’m excited that we can offer some different possibilities for students to fulfill undergraduate requirements,” said Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Harry Elam. “I am confident these two programs will thrive. I know how hard the faculty leadership and teams have been working to make these a really vibrant experience for students.”

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